Advanced Management Program [AMP] For Business Leaders
This unique program provides both a Post Graduate Certificate as well as an Executive MBA option. It comes with convenient schedules, subject area specializations and multiple tracks for Corporate Leaders, Family Business Owners and Entrepreneurs . It features advanced simulations, ‘inner journey’ workshops and state of the art learning technology.

Workshop on CyberSecurity – Dealing with Threats and Securing Businesses
(Feb & Aug, 2017)
Future proof your organization from cyber attacks
This three day workshop will empower you with the necessary “know-how” to deal with emerging cyber risks by teaching you concepts and proven methodologies in the area of cyber threat prevention, detection, and response.

Workshop on Digital Maturity Assessment with Scott Klososky and Sanjay Vatsa
(Feb & Aug, 2017)
Measure your organization’s digital Readiness to lead in a business ecosystem defined by digital strategies
A 3 day workshop by Scott Klososky, expert on Digital Maturity Assessment, who will teach the audience on the technique to assess the digital maturity of their organizations across 9 dimensions.

Workshop on Winning Competitive Strategies for the Digital Era with Prof. Mohan Subramaniam
(March & Sep, 2017)
Leverage your organization’s physical assets to create information assets and an industrial platform
A 2 day workshop on imagining and adapting wining strategies to build information assets and a digitally driven industrial platform for non technology-based entrepreneurial ventures.

3 day workshop on Creativity and Innovation with Michael Gelb
(March & Sep, 2017)
Develop and sustain creativity to manage innovation
A 3 day workshop by Michael Gelb on developing a creative mindset and leadership skills to lead and sustain innovation, based on Da Vinci’s 7 principles of creative thinking and Edison’s 5 competencies of innovation.

Workshop on Managing Diversity for Superior Performance with Prof. Howard Ross
(April & Oct, 2017)
Manage diversity and leverage its potential to harness collective genius
A 3 day workshop by the leading international luminary on Diversity and Inclusion, Howard Ross. This workshop will examine our view of the world, unconscious bias, impact of culture, and perceptual identity. The program will be a mix of in-person lectures and discussions and interactive exercises.

Workshop on Managing Corporate Innovation with Dr. Makarand Chipalkatti
(April & Oct, 2017)
Manage sustainable and scalable innovation for your organizational goals
A 2 day workshop by Dr. Makarand “Chips” Chipalkatti on Managing Corporate Innovation. This workshop will focus on thinking creatively, spotting megatrends, and designing successful business plans for innovations along these megatrends.

Workshop on Communication for Business Success
(May & Nov, 2017)
Learn to express correctly and effectively with leadership panache
A 3 day workshop on receptive and expressive business communication, both verbal and non-verbal that focuses on articulate communication with internal and external business stakeholders, dialogue for successful collaboration, and cross-cultural communication.

Workshop on Entrepreneurship with Dr. Shubhro Sen
(Nov 2017)
Ignite the entrepreneur within you
A 3 day workshop with Dr. Shubhro Sen, Director of SEEPD and SME at SNU and serial international entrepreneur that will explore the five key messages of entrepreneurship and five dimensions of Entrepreneurial leadership.