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Leader's Message

Dr. Shubhro Sen

Dear Student,

Thank you for your interest in Shiv Nadar University and our I-Global MBA program.

This is a two year journey specifically architected to create Global Leaders – in India … for India and the world. Designed by distinguished faculty from Shiv Nadar University, Harvard Business School, The Haas School of Business, U.C. Berkeley and IIM Calcutta, it is benchmarked against the very best MBA programs in the world. With the benefit of global exposure before students graduate – via semesters abroad at our prestigious partner universities, overseas internships and projects, distinguished visiting faculty and a unique cross-cultural leadership curriculum they will be equipped with the knowledge and competencies they need to flourish in the Digital Age anywhere they choose to live and work in the world.

The I-Global MBA is centered on success in a technology disrupted, rapidly changing global business environment and the many exciting placement options available to those with the requisite training. “I” is being used as a prefix to emphasize this focus on technology preparedness, analytics and digital literacy throughout the program. “I” is also intended to convey emphasis on individual development, creativity and entrepreneurial leadership. The curriculum includes personalized strength assessments, coaching as well as the flexibility to develop deep specializations and career tracks in multiple high demand areas. Unlike many MBA programs, we do not tar everybody with the same brush. Our goal is to build global career readiness while empowering each individual to chart their preferred path to success. 'if you dream of making your mark in life; if you aspire to compete with the best in the world and WIN; if you want the personalized attention of an exclusive program; then the SME I-Global MBA will prove to be a decisive step on your journey to leadership success.'

I look forward to welcoming you into the MBA Class of 2021!

Wishing you every success.