About ACE | School of Extended Education and Professional Development

About ACE

The Academy of Continuing Education (ACE) has been launched with a single overarching mission: to present best-in-class knowledge, practices and skill development offerings to the rapidly expanding SNU ecosystem of learners and leaders, both within and outside the university.

The school provides three linked platforms: Executive Education & Leadership Development programs for business, government and social sector organizations; Professional Certification and Skill Building courses for individuals and organizations interested in enhancing employability and job performance; and novel Continuing Education via University Extension offerings on topics of interest to a broader community of adult learners. This substantial last group may not be eligible or even seeking degrees/diplomas but will be driven by a desire to learn from the best faculty in each field of study – at both SNU and from around the world. For them, ACE will act as the gateway to enhanced learning on topics that excite them.

The term “Extended Education” was chosen for the school after much reflection and is intended to accurately reflect a core premise that the learning journey is never over for anyone. It underscores twin commitments made by our founder, the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor that SNU is fundamentally student centric in its design and evolution and is rapidly becoming a world class multi-disciplinary institution known for its cutting edge research and innovative teaching.

The first commitment suggests that ACE will specifically cater to SNU students, alumni, faculty and staff with a slate of high value “lifetime learning” offerings. Once with SNU, this community and its natural extensions will always remain a key part of our learning family. ACE will aggressively market its portfolio of knowledge resources to the world at large but serving its immediate family, par excellence, will remain one of its important anchors.

The second commitment is also central to ACE. It is driven to identify, expertly curate and present the very best of SNU’s rich intellectual resources to the world of learners at all levels. The goal is to create a ‘necklace of pearls’ from the SNU community to supplement the distinguished external faculty, programs and resources who may be enlisted by ACE to deliver its courses.
Overall, starting in 2017, ACE will begin presenting courses and programs of varying duration based upon the needs of the learner markets it serves. These will range from certificate or diploma courses to degree programs. A common factor in all such offerings will be the blended deployment of traditional in-class methods and experiential learning with the latest enabling instructional technologies: interactive e-learning, simulations, learning apps, gamification and peer-to-peer learning. Another commonality will be their availability on all devices commonly used by learners today –notably tablets and mobile phones. In addition to special rates for the SNU community, scholarships will be available, as appropriate, to meritorious applicants, irrespective of their location and affiliation.