Analytics Olympiad – The annual data science and analytics tournament of the Academy of Continuing Education | School of Extended Education and Professional Development

Analytics Olympiad – The annual data science and analytics tournament of the Academy of Continuing Education

The Concept
As the University gateway to academic excellence, the Academy of Continuing Education conduct and promotes programs for business success in the digital economy. We have already established a niche program to develop the bright technocrats of tomorrow – Data Science and Analytics for Business (DSAB).

This year, in partnership with Machine Hack, ACE has commenced an Analytics Olympiad as a platform to challenge young minds across the country to prove their mettle in applied data analytics. The contest topic for this year is to design machine learning solutions for sales forecasting and optimization for the retail industry.

We have received an overwhelming response in our maiden run, with over 1000+ registrations and 330+ submissions. After careful scrutiny of the top 50 leaderboard data points and submissions, we have identified the top 10 finalists, which comprise data scientists, senior working professionals, as well as university students.

Rules of the Game
Eligible participants register for the game and receive details of the problem statement and datasets, which they can solve and then submit on the partner site of Shiv Nadar University at

From the submissions, top 50 leaderboard entries are shortlisted and invited to share their problem statement analysis, solution approach, business outcome, and real-world impact. The best 10 proposals are shortlisted and given the opportunity to work on bench data. In the grand finale, the top 10 finalists are invited to the Shiv Nadar University campus for final submission and presentation where an external jury announces the top 3 winners.

Final winning criteria:

•            30% Business Outcome/Impact,

•            20% Innovative + Creativity

•            20% Algorithm and ML approach,

•            15% Statistically analysis,

•            15% Presentation + Communication


The jury members for Analytics Olympiad 2021 include:

•            Manoj Madhusudanan, Head of Dunnhumby India

•            Dr. Anish Agarwal, Data and Analytics at the NatWest group

•            Dr. Swati Jain, Vice President of Analytics at Exl

•            Megha Sinha, Vice President for Digital at Genpact


Here are the eligibility rules:

•            The participant must be a citizen of India.

•            The participant should be above 18 years of age.

•            The participant must hold a valid government ID, such as a PAN card or Aadhar Card.

•            The participant needs to have a valid bank account based in India.

•            If shortlisted for the final jury round, the participant should be in agreement with travelling to Shiv Nadar University, Delhi NCR.

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