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Executive MBA Program

Corporate leaders today need to be more multi-faceted than their peers in earlier years. Over and above in-depth knowledge of the functional areas of business - a core foundation of all MBA programs, they are increasingly required to possess a strategic and ‘design’ thinking capability; a ‘technology lens’ on the Digital transformation of every industry sector; a global, systems thinking perspective and an ability to manage diverse, cross-cultural teams. Faced with developing such new capabilities and accepting higher levels of responsibility, managers need to keep pace with trending management practices and simultaneously develop greater self-awareness and effective leadership practices. To enable this transformation, the Schools of Management & Entrepreneurship [SME] and Extended Education and Professional Development [SEEPD], Shiv Nadar University are delighted to jointly an exciting new Executive MBA Degree program for practicing managers designed to fast-track the careers of high potential executives and transition them to general management.

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Program Learning Goals and Objectives
Program Learning Goal #1:
Our graduates demonstrate mastery of functional aspects of business
PLO 1A: Apply appropriate management concepts and tools to decision making contexts in business
PLO 1B: Describe how a business situation impacts the functional units of the enterprise

Program Learning Goal # 2: Our graduates are able to make significant contributions to their organizations through their ability to think strategically, behave entrepreneurially and communicate effectively.

PLO 2A: Demonstrate the ability to formulate a strategy after analyzing the external environment and the internal forces.

PLO 2B: Demonstrate proficiency in written and oral communication

Program Learning Goal # 3: Our graduates are able to lead ethically and pursue success with integrity.

PLO 3A: Describe the ethical dilemma in a situation and articulate a suitable solution for the resolution.

PLO 3B: Demonstrate the ability to incorporate societal goals while evaluating business issues

Program Learning Goal # 4: Our graduates demonstrate a global mindset required to effectively lead in an international environment.

PLO 4A: Apply management concepts in a cross border context

PLO 4B: Appreciate cultural diversity and develop sensitivity to foreign cultures

Program Learning Goal # 5: Our graduates demonstrate an integrative view of the firm.

PLO 5A: Articulate how the external environment will impact the organization now and in future

PLO 5B: Show how decision making at the functional level affects the organization as a whole


Technology in the Digital Economy:

This focuses on the ‘use cases of new age technology such as IoT, 3D printing, nanotechnology, blockchain, AI/Virtual Reality etc. al while encouraging students to conceive of projects that re-imagine how every sector and activity in the light of new transformative opportunities

Design Thinking:

An ‘end to end mindset’ that enables solutions to be conceived with customer experience and sustainability as twin pillars, is mandatory for all students and embedded in every course.

Digital Strategy Development and Maturity Assessment:

This focuses on assessing the digital transformation state of an organization and identifying a roadmap for strategies that refine and boost the competitiveness of the organization in the new economy.

Creativity and Innovation:

The wellsprings of unleashing natural creativity in yourself and as importantly, your teams and organizations as well as practices for fostering innovation are systematically addressed by one of the top minds in this field.


With “Data” now a pervasive reality, analytics - Business Analytics, Cognitive Analytics, Behavioral Analytics as well as Data Visualization for Predictive Analytics and root cause analysis are a key skill focus area for the eXMBA.

Self Awareness Deep Dive:

This dimension of the program focuses on nurturing the core leadership strengths and highlighting possible derailers through psychometrics, behavioral assessments, introspection and self-mastery practices.

Sustainability Leadership:

Sustainability today is not just a requirement for all stakeholders but a strategic opportunity for competitive advantage. The program examines global best practices and focuses on translating them into actionable

Diversity and Cross cultural leadership:

Diverse organizations and inclusive cultures outperform more homogenous teams through their rich variety of skills, perspectives and creativity. Turning our natural diversity into a competitive advantage is another consistent theme of the eXMBA program.

Entrepreneurial thinking:

Whether you work for a corporation, the govt. or in civic organizations, there is a premium today on “Leading like an Entrepreneur”. This theme is emphasized recurrently throughout the program.



The program is open to executives with at least 5 years of work experience and a minimum of 60% of marks in their graduation. However, strong applicants with less than 5 years of experience are encouraged to apply. The candidate needs to submit a detailed online application on www.snu.edu.in. Please ensure the information provided is accurate and verifiable. Selections will be based on a comprehensive evaluation. This includes the nature and quality of the work experience and the performance of the candidate in the SNU admission test and personal interview.

FEES The total fee for the program is ₹625,000. The fee includes tuition, study materials, books, online courses, videos and Harvard Business School and other cases used during the program.



Interested participants and organizations may contact:

VISHWANATH S R, Program Director - E-MAIL ID vishwanath.sr@snu.edu.in, PHONE  9958781144